Top 5 Absolute Best Workout for Women

December 18 2020 – Piyush Dwivedi

Top 5 Absolute Best Workout for Women

Top 5 Absolute Best Workout for Women


Let's learn more about workouts that could focus on physiological differences based on gender to target muscles more specifically and facilitate women.

Workouts Specifically Designed For Women:

Specifying a set of exercises for gender may sound synonymous with gender stereotyping but there are various physiological and physical differences between males and females. Females tend to have a wider pelvis, which is a contributing factor for the prescription of exercise. There are various hormonal and muscle-mass differences between males and females, which should be considered while prescribing an exercise to variant genders. 

Moreover, women are more likely to tend with a sedentary lifestyle as compared to men because of several reasons. One of the reasons being the responsibilities that might fall on the shoulders of the mother as a primary caretaker. Hence these responsibilities and factors lead to a sedentary lifestyle, which results in the progression of certain diseases that could be otherwise prevented with physical activity and exercise. 

Other than that, women need to keep their selves fit so they can at least not be dependent on other members of the society for basic daily life activities. This could also help them with self-defense and survival, which is integral now than any other time or century. 

 Now without any further delay, let's skim through some physical exercises that could help women target their muscles specifically while keeping in view their respective differences. Here are a few of the efficient workouts designed specifically for women 

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Hip Raise for the Glutes:

This workout seems to target the muscles of the buttocks, simultaneously flattening the belly. Many women tend to have weaker glutes because of several reasons. The weakening of glutes leads to the forward tilting of the pelvis. This puts immense pressure on the lower back, causing our belly to stick out. Hence, this is a deformed posture that builds up because of the weakening of the glutes and not because of the accumulation of fats in the tummy so to fix it, one needs to do a hip raise regularly. 

It can be executed by first lying on the floor when your knees are bent and the sole of your feet touching the ground. Now squeeze your glutes, buttress your core and raise your hip so that your body is aligned straightly from shoulders to knees. Keep your body at the respective position for 5 seconds to squeeze the glutes and then lower your back for the next 5 seconds. Repeat every day for better results. 

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Single-Leg Dumb-Bell Deadlift:

This exercise is designed to target the muscles of hamstrings and glutes, increasing the individual core strength immensely. It helps increasing muscle stability as it challenges the hip, foot, and torso stability. This specific workout also aids with the establishment of posterior strength and improvement of the posterior hip muscles. 

We can carry out this exercise by first grabbing a pair of a dumbbell in both hands. Then extend it at your arm's length over the thighs. Next, stand with your feet being shoulder-width apart and knees slightly flexed. Now, start raising your other leg without changing the bend in the first leg. Let your back arch naturally and lower your torsos until it touches the floor. Stay at this position for over 5 seconds and let your glutes get squeezed. Afterward, get back to the starting position and repeat it several times for the best results. 

Scaption and Shrug for Better Posture:

Women tend to have postural deformities and hence this pair of exercise stabilizes the scapula, target the front of the shoulder and rotator cuff muscles effectively. However, the shrug part of exercise helps to stabilize the muscles associated with the shoulder blade. This pair of exercise results in better posture and stabilization of the shoulders.

First, stand with a pair of a dumbbell in your hands keeping your feet almost shoulder-width apart. Now let the dumbbell hang at the arm's length while the palm faces each other. Next, bend your arms at a specific angle from the body so that they form a Y without changing the bend in your elbows. Align your arms until they are parallel to the floor. Shrug your shoulders upward. Freeze and then reverse. Repeat this movement several times for the best results. 

Swiss Ball L Raise for the Upper Back:

This exercise is a life savior for the women suffering from neck and upper back pain. It helps with the development of a strong core and a flat tummy or abs. It also aids in fixing balance deformities, hence increasing stability. 

This exercise can be executed by first lying face down over the swiss ball as your chest presses over the ball. Next, pull your elbows back so that it is aligned with your shoulder. Now keeping your elbows in the same position, move your forearm upwards as you let the shoulder blades squeeze against each other. Pause and then reverse. Use dumbbell for increasing resistance and better strengthening of the core. 

McGill Curl Up For the Lower Back:

This is an extremely effective workout for women with lower back pain. This workout targets the lower back muscles, by activating the muscles and loading the spine simultaneously. 

Lie supine on the floor with your left leg being extended and flat on the floor. Keep your right knee bend with the foot flat on the floor. Next, place your hand underneath the natural arch of the lower back with your palm facing the floor. Now, slowly move your shoulder and upper part of the body towards the bent knee without moving your lower back. Stay at this position for 5 seconds. Inhale and exhale sharply. Repeat, switch legs, and then repeat again. 

These five workouts target the neck and back muscles of the body specifically and can not only help women stay fit but could also help subside the pain associated with the neck and spine. These workouts are effective to maintain body posture and hence could be the deal breakers for the women who are eager to hit the gym.


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