Replacement Policy

REALWHEY takes utmost care of all the products at various different stages - be it in manufacturing or in its storage after manufacturing or final check before its dispatched to our customers. 


We do not replace a product which has already been opened and consumed.

We can replace a product which is not yet opened. Kindly refer to our "Returns policy" on top of this page for further details for replacement of such parcels.


• Products cannot be replaced incase you do not find the taste or aroma satisfactory as per your preference. We use imported flavouring agents and sweeteners from UK and Switzerland in all our products. Taste is a subjective matter & one person's taste preference is not always same as another person's preference.

• Products cannot be replaced on your personal notion/opinion about its solubility/aroma/taste. Different supplements have different solubility/texture/aroma/taste as per their physical & chemical properties and customers should know that REAL WHEY is providing them these supplements in their utmost premium quality after being manufactured/packed in an FSSAI licensed, HACCP & ISO certified factory. 

• Products cannot be replaced on complaint about change in its taste since we as a healthcare supplements manufacturer focus solely upon delivering promised nutrition value (as per nutrition table of respective products) and certain ingredients such as source of flavours can be changed without any notification to customers since we always try to improve & take the taste furthermore to next level.

• If a customer has any doubts about our product quality, they can get it lab checked anywhere for their own satisfaction since we have full confidence on quality of our products since we meet, match and follow stringent international protocols of manufacturing and repacking.