Top 6 Brain Foods To Consume During Exam Season

December 25 2020 – Piyush Dwivedi

Brain Foods To Consume During Exam Season

Brain Foods To Consume During Exam Season



Exam season is coming up, so fill up your cart with these brain foods and don’t let the vein on your forehead pop out of stress.

Food For Thought:

It is important to take care of your health during exam season because amidst stress, the body is more vulnerable to pathogens and infectious agents. Proper nourishment is cardinal for the optimal functioning of the body and nourishment of brain cells.

During exam season, the students need to hoard onto lots of information and knowledge. Numerous food items could be consumed differently during exam season to trigger the memory centers of the brain. Hence, almonds are not the only food items you need to overdose on.

Several nutrients and minerals that enhance the storage capacity of the brain long term memory depots. These nutrients aid with better memorization of numerous concepts. If the entire room is spinning in front of your eyes amidst your exam preparation then, this list of food items is going to be your knight in shining armor. Here are a few food items you need to keep next to your study table while preparing for exams.

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Oranges and Other Citrus Fruits:

Oranges and all the other citrus fruits are the nutritional power packs. They are enriched with various kinds of flavonoids, including hesperidin, naringin, quercetin, and rutin, and others. All these compounds are involved in boosting the memory and learning ability of the brain. These compounds also prevent the mental decline of the brain by protecting the brain cells from injury.
Consumption of orange juice enhances the supply of blood towards the brain, thereby improving the performance of the brain associated with the matching of symbols and numbers. Hence citrus fruits are found to enhance mental performance and brain functioning.

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Nuts to Not Drive You Nuts:

Nuts are heavily enriched with zinc and vitamin E. They can easily be sneaked into an exam hall, making them an excellent choice for brain food. Vitamin E is a remarkable antioxidant and can aid with the reduction of oxidative stress.
Nuts are loaded with the essential fats, proteins, and fibers, making it a food of choice during consecutive study hours. Walnuts are not only carved like a brain but are also the most famous nut among the nut family, responsible for enhancing brain activity. Walnuts are enriched with DHA, which is a type of omega-3 fatty acid. DHA is shown to enhance cognitive performance among adults and reduce cognitive decline, as well.

Avocados for the Go:

This trendy and green fruit is so versatile that it goes well with everything. Research shows that avocados have a cardinal effect on brain functioning and activity. It is also enriched with a carotenoid called lutein which helps to enhance the functioning ability of the brain and eyes. Avocados are fueled with monosaturated fats, promoting the flow of blood to the brain. It also contains folate, vitamins B, C, and E, and potassium, making avocados great food to nibble during exam preparation.

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Eggs as a Brain Food:

It might not be a bad idea to make cook some scrambled eggs when your stomach starts growling amidst exam preparation. Eggs are densely enriched with various vitamins. It contains vitamin B12, selenium, and choline which helps with better functioning of the brain. Selenium enhances the motor performance, coordination, memory, and cognitive characteristic of the brain.

Choline aids with brain development and secretion of acetylcholine, which is integral for muscle development and memory storage. Whereas, vitamin B12 is integral for the normal functioning of the brain. Its deficiency can cause several mental deformations.

Coffee and Caffeine:

If you are told by others to tone down your coffee intake, then don’t listen to them because research regards coffee integral for the optimal functioning of the brain. There are two main ingredients in coffee, caffeine, and antioxidants. Both of them aids with the better functioning of the brain.

Coffee is known to increase alertness, elevate mood, and sharpen concentration. These three benefits are all we are looking for, on sleepy exam prep nights. The antioxidant-rich coffee also helps with the reduced progression of neurological diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. So, fill up your coffee cups and sip onto this antioxidant-rich delight.

Green Tea and GABA:

It is not only soothing to hold a warm mug of green tea during frosty nights but it also has a beneficial effect on individual brain activity. Green tea contains an amino acid called L theanine, which passes through the blood-brain barrier, stimulates a neurotransmitter named GABA, thereby increasing its neurotransmitter activity.
GABA secretion is associated with the reduction of anxiety and stress. Hence greater stimulation decreases the stress caused by prior exams, which might hinder the performance of the student. L theanine also enhances the frequency of alpha waves, thereby making you feel relaxed.

Set all these items in the drawer next to your study table and munch onto these snacks during study breaks to give your brain a much-needed boost. These snacks and drinks are going to trigger just the right centers of your brain, helping you ace exams without any stress.

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