10 Best protein snacks

January 28 2021 – real whey

10 Best protein snacks

10 Best protein snacks


Do you get those hunger pangs in your tummy but can’t get hold of the roadside foods to satisfy your tummy because you are calorie conscious or are on a diet? Or are you feeling lazy a day to cook yourself a meal? Worry not! Because here we share some very quick healthy protein snacks to satisfy your hungry tummy and appetite, keeping in mind about your diet and health!

  • Trail mix

It’s very simple. It is a combined mix of various nuts and dry fruits. You can also add chocolate bites and some grains according to your taste. Include almonds, peanuts, cashews and pistachios which make this mix very high in protein and overall a nutritious snack. Don’t have it more than a handful at a time as it can increase your calorie quotient. 

  • Greek yogurt parfait

It’s nothing but a simple, yummy and healthy alternative to super sweet ice creams. Greek yogurt is very rich in proteins and calcium and it satisfies your hunger very easily. It provides the perfect nutrition for your bones.

To make a parfait, mix some fruits, berries and nuts in the yogurt and freeze it and a yummy food for your tummy is ready!

  • Veggies & yogurt dip 

Veggies are great for your health as it contains many essential nutrients. However, you can increase the protein degree in veggies by adding yogurt into it. Use yogurt as a dip, add some herbs into it and you can have it as a spread for a quick veggie sandwich or have it with salad.

  • Protein bars

It is a quick and easy snack to grab on the go. These bars contain a very good amount of protein and if you make these bars yourself, they’ll become more healthier. Add all the nuts, dates and berries with minimal sugar and maximum fruit bits and it’ll be a super tasty snack.

  • Protein shakes

It is a one of a kind meal and drink which is good if you go gumming and workout heavily. Protein shakes are high in protein and also other essential nutrients which benefits your body greatly. It can be made by adding whey, pea protein, egg white etc. Protein shakes makes you feel fuller. Make the shake in a portable container so that you can sip onto the drink wherever you go and whenever you want.

  • Oatmeal

Oats are great in nutrition, rich in various minerals and vitamins. It gives you the fiber percentage required by your body. Oats make you feel fuller and satisfied for a longer period of time and oats are more healthier and nutritious than the packaged cereals found in the grocery stores. Oatmeal is super rich in protein and they have the required per day by your body. 

  • Cottage cheese

It is a very nutritious dairy product which contains great nutrients required by your body. It is very rich in protein and a kind of snack that can be eaten without any extra preparations. It has lots of calcium, Vitamin B12, phosphorus, selenium. You can add it in your sandwich as well or mix with berries and fruits to make it a wholesome meal. You can also add it in your veggies to have a fuller meal.

  • Almonds

Almonds are great in protein and other nutrients like good fats, Vitamin E and various minerals. Try having almonds regularly and it’ll provide you with many other benefits like maintaining weight. Don’t over eat almonds as they are also high in calories. Try including at least 20 almonds in your diet per day and you’ll notice other benefits like increased memory power, good health.

  • Eggs

Eggs are one of the most wholesome food items which carries most of the nutrients required by your body.  Eggs are very rich in Vitamin B and various minerals. Boil the eggs and they become a portable snack for you. One whole egg contains a lot of protein and calcium as well. An egg can help you feel fuller and satisfied until you have your next meal. They are a bit high in calories as well so don’t have many eggs a day.

  • Cheese

Cheese is an excellent ingredient which can be added in any kind of meal or snack or it can be an alone snack as well. It is very high in proteins, calcium, phosphorus, other minerals and selenium. Cheese can keep you fuller for a long period of time. A single slice of cheddar cheese can help you feel satisfied. A study says that people who have cheese and pair them with veggies require very less calories to make their tummy full compared to people who don’t include cheese in their diet. Cheese is also very high in calories itself so it is preferable to have it in a very moderate level a day.


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