5 Anti-Acne Food you should Consider Adding into Your Cart

December 26 2020 – Piyush Dwivedi

5 Anti-Acne Food you should Consider Adding into Your Cart

5 Anti-Acne Food you should Consider Adding into Your Cart


Other than applying those ointments on your skin blemishes and scars, consider filling up your carts with these anti-acne food items to win the battle against acne.

Acne and Diet:

If these weather fluctuations and change in the course of the wind, hasn't resulted in the emergence of red and painful bumps on your forehead then let me ask you something "how does it feel to be God's favorite?'. I doubt that someone is unfamiliar with the term 'acne' in the 21st century but just for the culture, let's learn more about acne before choosing anti-acne food for dinner.

Acne can be explicated to be a skin condition in which painful bumps appear on the skin because of the clogging of pores with dead skin and oil. These bumps include white head, blackhead, and pimples. This skin condition is more common among teenagers when they are about to hit puberty. Puberty spurts increase the release of oil from the skin, clogging the pores immensely.

Researchers have found that following a healthy diet rich in complex carbohydrates, zinc, vitamin A, vitamin E, omega-3 fatty acid, and antioxidants, could aid with the prevention and treatment of acne. However, it is important to remember that these food items won't make the acne vanish overnight, like magic. You need to keep consuming these anti-acne food items and avoid caffeinated products, which might further trigger acne, to let the magic happen. Here are a few food items you could trust blindly when your face is covered with blemishes and bumps.

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Unprocessed Fruits and Vegetables:

Throw all the green vegetables and unprocessed fruits you might have in your fridge, into the blender, and prepare a refreshing smoothie topped with nuts and berries for yourself because this nutritious powerhouse could do wonders to your skin. 

Fresh fruits and vegetables are enriched with complex carbohydrates, vitamin A, vitamin E, zinc, and antioxidants. You are offering the body a rich dose of nutrients and anti-oxidants once you include fruits in your daily diet. Eating fruits helps minimize inflammation and avoid different forms of infections. Fruits contain vitamins and minerals that help to metabolize collagen and help to nourish the skin. All these characteristics make them an ideal addition to your diet to give a healthy and vivid glow to your skin. So, if you've always been eyeing your skin to have a stunning and balanced glow, fruits will provide you with a one-stop solution.


This green leafy vegetable can do wonders for your skin. It is enriched with just the right nutrients to fight acne and other infectious skin conditions. Spinach is a nutrient-rich and balanced snack that you can include in your daily diet, to give it a much-needed boost. You might dislike spinach, but it's a great source of iron, folate, chlorophyll, vitamin E, magnesium, vitamin A, nutrition, plant protein, and vitamin C. Vitamins C, E, and vitamin A are especially good for your skin because of their antioxidant abilities. Spinach contains antioxidants that battle against skin problems of all kinds. Add it to your daily meal and see what happens!


Tomatoes are just perfect for our skin. It aids with the reconstruction of the damaged cells and is a rich supply of vitamin C and lycopene. Lycopene is an antioxidant that gives the red radiant color to tomatoes. Lycopene is not only healthy for our brain and immune system, but it also has some amazing skin benefits.

It enhances the natural skin protection factor (SPF) of our skin, shielding us from the sun’s destructive UVA and UVB rays that can age our skin significantly and prematurely. It allows skin cells to develop, mature, and regenerate, giving the skin a more uniform and youthful look while enhancing its texture. It also helps build collagen, which is what brings a fuller, brighter look to our skin. So, say goodbye to acne by the constant use of tomatoes.

Brown Rice:

Brown rice is loaded with vitamin B, magnesium, protein, and several integral antioxidants. Vitamin B is a winner in regulating hormone levels, hence reducing the oily burst by the skin that causes clogging of pores and hence acne.
Vitamin B deficiency can cause acne, rashes, dry and flaky skin, cracking lips, and wrinkles that inflict damage upon your skin. It may also enhance the sensitivity of the skin to sunlight, skincare products, and other possible instigators, contributing to redness and discomfort. Vitamin B provides a variety of skin health benefits, but cell regeneration and stress relief are perhaps two of the most significant ones. Therefore, replace your conventional white rice meals with brown rice and see the magic happen!


Broccoli is a great source of vitamin C. Vitamin C is a vitamin that is popular for oodles of advantages, such as healthy gums and accelerated wound healing (by preventing scurvy). But it's still perfect for the skin and the good thing is this that broccoli is loaded with it. 
100 g of broccoli provides almost 100 percent of the vitamin C daily requirement. That's a lot better than an orange, which is considered to be a decent source of vitamin C itself.

The magic of vitamin C lies in its antioxidant properties that protect our skin from free radical damage, reduces the stress hormone cortisol, the villain behind acne breakouts linked to stress. Vitamin C is a co-factor in the production of collagen, which is integral for the skin itself. Hence, pitch some broccoli salad into your afternoon snack and kiss goodbye to the forehead bumps.

So, the first step towards an acne-free life is diet change and then treatment. Eliminate the food items densely packed with glucose, which may cause an insulin spike and trigger acne immensely. Add these healthy food items into your cart if you are bothered by those bumpy blemishes and want to do something about it.

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