Effects of Heavy Workout

March 18 2021 – Mukesh Kumar

Effects of Heavy Workout

Effects of Heavy Workout



Exercising is a very effective way to help reach your body goals , not forgetting a healthy diet and lifestyle. Other than the physical changes like pumped up muscles or becoming slim by losing fat, exercise can also help improve with your mood, sleep and stress. Exercise comes with a long list of benefits but would you believe if we said excessive exercise comes with some disadvantages? That's right! In this blog, we share how it is affecting you, both in good and bad ways! Read on below to find out!

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How Good Are Exercises For You?

●  Exercise controls your weight

Exercises help to maintain your body weight by utilizing the energy of the excess calories which would have been stored as fat in your body. Most foods contain calories  which is required for almost everything you execute. The works include  breathing, sleeping and even digestion of your food. Maintaining calories through exercises gives you a good weight. Regular exercise is important for weight loss & body maintenance.

●   Exercise Improves Mood

Physical activity helps for chronic depression through elevating the amount of serotonin which regulates your sleep, mood and also appetite. Exercise reduces those chemicals in the body that make depression worse. Exercise increases the level of endorphins which are called as natural mood boosters. Physical activities can take up the responsibility of limiting the pressure on your brain.

●  Exercise Gives Good Sleep

Researchers claim that exercise can decrease the problem of Insomnia. The results of strenuous exercise are somewhat similar like sleeping pills. Some average amounts of exercise increases the amount of deep sleep. Exercise also helps to calm your mood, mind and your heart.

●  Exercise Boosts Your Energy

Any kind of activity that gets your heart rate rising and the blood flowing can release endorphins which increases your energy level. Some good cardiovascular workouts will build up your heart and provide more stamina. Also, some low intensity activities like yoga, show results by boosting your energy and mood. Researchers suggest that yoga can reduce anxiety and depression.

● Exercise Makes Your Skin Look Better

By improvising your blood circulation and providing a good heart rate, exercise helps to provide the skin with nutrients & oxygen which helps to keep the skin look good and healthy. It also boosts collagen and new skin cells which makes the skin glow. It also helps in anti-aging.

How Much Exercise is Acceptable For Your Body?

The Department of Health and Human Services suggests that :

  • Aerobic Activity: Not more than 150 minutes of modest aerobic activities / 75 minutes of strenuous aerobic activities for a week /a combination of the both are good. They also recommend that you should lay out these exercises during the entire week. This much greater amount of activities will give you the required health benefits. Small durations of physical activities are beneficial too.
  • Strength Training: Strength training activities for any kind of muscles are required at least twice a week. Doing a set of exercise using resistance level/weight which is weighty to tire your muscles following 12 to 15 repetitions is enough.

Are Heavy Exercises Carrying Risks?

There are many people who need exercises and physical activities and also those, who have rightly benefitted from exercise. Workouts have saved people from obesity, or from cardiovascular disease. But these also have dark effects that affect many people every day:


A research on marathon runners says that after finishing some strenuous running events, their blood samples show biomarkers that connect with heart damage. These damages are not bad and usually go away but when the heart goes under extreme physical pressure continuously, the damage may change composition as in changes such as large heart walls or disfiguring of the heart. Research also found proof that excessive exercise can raise the possibilities for sudden cardiac arrest/cardiac death in individuals, and heart rhythm disorders.


During exercise, your body requires some extra fuel in the muscles. A short and quick run across the street makes the muscles and liver let out glucose. With continued and moderate activities, your muscles can release glucose at almost 20x times than the normal percentage. This can reduce your glucose levels. But, if sufficient insulin is not there, exercise can conclude with an increase of blood glucose. Much heavy exercise can push the body to raise adrenaline in your body which is bad for your health.


A recent research claims that people who take part in excessive levels of physical activity at home/work/gym may unknowingly damage their knees and go close to osteoarthritis. The research included people with a healthy weight, without any pain or any other diseases. Knee damages were more severe among those who took part in excessive levels of physical activities.




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