6 Ways & Foods to Save Your Liver

March 15 2021 – Mukesh Kumar

6 Ways & Foods to Save Your Liver

6 Ways & Foods to Save Your Liver



Your liver is one of the most essential organs of your body. It is also the largest one. It transforms the nutrients of your food into various components which can be sent out to the other parts of your body to improve their functionality. It is also responsible for proper digestion and removing harmful toxins from your body. Since it is so essential for the whole system, you need to protect it. Here’s how……

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  • Limit your alcohol intake

It is a bit hard for the liver to break down large portions of alcohol for your body. When the liver is unable to take it, the cells get damaged and it can result in inflammation which is not good for you. Try to intake a very moderate amount of alcohol if you would want to protect your liver.

  • Balanced diet is the key!

Your blood and liver won’t like it if you take foods which are usually high in fats and cholesterol. They are a cause for various liver diseases. Try to reduce the percentage of all the fats like trans fats, saturated or hydrogenated fats. In more detail, avoid fried foods, reduce the amount of dairy products and processed foods. Habit yourself to fiber rich foods like whole grains and fresh fruits & veggies. Add proteins like fish, nuts, beans etc.

  • Avoid pills for weight loss!

There are many pills mainly for weight loss which are available without prescriptions. You might have been consuming them unknowingly but did you know that they are harmful for your liver? They contain harmful chemicals and toxins which are not considerable for your liver.

  • Take care of your current illnesses!

Note: By illnesses, here we refer to as high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity. 

Your illnesses might be a threat to your liver! They can be the major reason for your liver diseases. Always keep a check on the levels of your blood pressure, sugar and also cholesterol. Habit yourself to regular exercises or (doctor prescribed) medications that protects you from liver diseases due to your illnesses. If you are taking medications, try to take care about the side effects of it as they can also be a kind of warning for your liver.

  • Regular exercise is a must!

Regular exercise has many benefits like longevity, stamina, mood, fitness, protects you from various illnesses including liver damage. Regular exercise benefits your liver a lot. It helps in reducing the pressure in your liver, lifting your energy degree and prevents obesity! Try exercising for around 2-3 hours per week and you’ll get many good results!

  • Toxins ain’t good for you!

Various toxins around you are not beneficial for your liver. Toxins can be present in smoke (tobacco),  around you like pollution, certain medicines, insecticides and also in refined oils. They harm the cells of your liver and that harms the functionality of your body.

Best foods which will take care of your liver

Here we share some very common foods which are known to protect your liver. Include them in your diet for a healthy liver!

  • Grapes

It is one of the tastiest, naturally sweet and beneficial fruits for your health including liver health. Studies and reports confirm that grapes, its juice and seeds are super rich in antioxidants which help your liver to lower inflammation and protect the liver from damages and diseases. Eat the whole grapes rather than extracting juice or seeds as it’ll be more convenient. (It can help you burn your calories as well!)

  • Beetroot

Beetroot is a very nutritious veggie as it contains a good amount of vitamin A, vitamin B6, iron and also antioxidants. It is beneficial for your liver as it prevents inflammation and stress. It also is responsible to remove the harmful toxins from your body. Make a juice of it and you get the full benefits out of it.

  • Tea

There have been various researches and reports which say that tea can prevent your liver from hardening. Furthermore, the study said that 5-6 cups a day is associated with the prevention of certain liver damages. Herbal tea is good for your liver.

  • Olive Oil

Including it in your diet can be helpful for your liver. Many studies say that it can lower the percentage of fat deposition in your liver. It lowers the tension in your liver and also helps in the increase of antioxidant effects in your liver and body.

  • Coffee

Coffee, basically caffeine is responsible for developing a healthy chemical, ‘paraxanthine’ which can slow down the growth of the tissue which can develop liver fibrosis. Moreover, coffee also has other benefits like it can help you fight with liver cancer, hepatitis C and other liver related diseases.

  • Nuts

It is one of the simplest ways to protect your liver. It is also a very healthy snack and energy booster. Nuts have unsaturated fats, antioxidants and also Vitamin E which can help prevent your liver from inflammation.

  • Fatty Fish 

Oily/fatty fishes are super rich in Omega 3, a kind of fats which can help prevent inflammation in your liver. It can put a stop to deposition of unnecessary fats and develop healthy enzymes in your liver. Try including fatty fishes in your diet, 2-4 times a week.



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