10 Worst Foods For Body Builders

March 23 2021 – Mukesh Kumar

10 Worst Foods For Body Builders

10 Worst Foods For Body Builders



Are you planning to build your body? Or are you already in the process? If you are, great! But do you know if you are consuming the right foods or the wrong foods? Would you like to know about some foods which are becoming barriers in between your bodybuilding goals and also its good alternatives? Read on as we share some foods that are becoming the main hindrances between you and your muscles:

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Alcohol : 

  • So you know now that alcohol is harming you. What you can do is, drink lemon soda water. But if you are not able to completely leave alcohol then reduce the consumption portion to a very minimal level.

Processed Cheese: 

  • It has less protein and a bit more fatty. So choose some cheese like parmesan or cheddar.

Coconut Oil:

  • It has a lot of calories in it which makes your normal health a bit at stake. So try Canola oil or olive oil instead of it.


  • Again, it has a lot of calorific value so try replacing it with olive or canola oil.

Sports Drinks:

  • Researchers say, such drinks have very less nutrients. The good way out? Water is the answer!

Diet Soda:

  • It contains hidden/fake sugar. Not good for you. Try lemonade!

Ice Cream:

  • Lots of sugar, not acceptable. Try out recipes of fat and sugar-free yogurt parfait!


  • It contains lots of unnecessary fats and oily meats which makes your muscles like jelly. Replace it with whole grain breads, top it with olive oil and healthy veggies and some parmesan cheese!



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