Top 5 Benefits of Yoga

April 12 2021 – Mukesh Kumar

Top 5 Benefits of Yoga

Top 5 Benefits of Yoga



“Yoga” word was derived from the Sanskrit language, from the word “yuji” which means union. The basic meaning of yoga is uniting the mind and body. Yoga includes breathing exercises, meditation and other poses that are beneficial to reduce your stress, help to relax and promote other health benefits like reducing blood pressure, increasing height etc. Yoga promotes all kinds of physical and mental health benefits. Read on more to know about the top 5 benefits of performing yoga.

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●       Can Help to Improve Your Heart Health










Your heart health is very essential and must be given attention because it helps to pump blood throughout your body and supplies tissues with important and essential vitamins and nutrients that your body works with. Many studies have shown that yoga can help to improve your heart health and lower the risk of various factors that can be a threat to your heart. A study found that many participants who have practiced yoga for 5 years or more have reduced levels of blood pressure and pulse rate  compared to the people who never performed yoga. High blood pressure is one of the very big causes of heart problems like strokes and heart attacks. Reducing your blood pressure can help lower the risks associated with them. It is also evident that there was a reduction of bad cholesterol from your body due to yoga. It can also reduce stress which is also one of the biggest causes for a possible heart disease.


●       May Help to Fight With Depression










Research and studies have shown that yoga can help to act as an antidepressant as it can help to reduce the possible symptoms of depression. It is because yoga helps to reduce the levels of cortisol that is a hormone related to stress, which can reduce the production of serotonin, a neurotransmitter which is involved in keeping your mood up. A study showed that people who usually relied on alcohol for de-stressing themselves after performing the rhythmic breathing exercises, which falls under yoga, had shown very less symptoms of depression, after 2 weeks and also showed reduced levels of cortisol.  There are many similar studies which also help you fight with depression, anxiety and also loneliness. Yoga has been known to relax your mind and lift your mood up.


●       Helps to Improve Your Balance And Flexibility

Many people include yoga in their daily exercise routine and workout to improve their balance and flexibility. Specific poses in Yoga helps to target your flexibility level and enhance your flexibility and balance, more than what you have in general. A study of 26 athletes who performed 10 weeks of yoga have proven that yoga has helped them in increasing their flexibility and balancing capability drastically. Another study on elderly people has also shown that their flexibility has also increased compared to others who have never performed yoga. This study confirmed that yoga can help to improve the mobility and balance in older people. Practicing yoga for 15 to 30 minutes everyday can help to be useful for enhancing your everyday performance.

●       Can Help to Increase  Your Strength

Yoga can improve your flexibility quite effectively and increase your strength in an appreciative way. There are also specific yoga poses that can help to increase your strength and also help to build your muscles. In a study,, adults performed sun salutations for 6 days a week and continued it for 24 weeks. The results were a significant level up of upper body strength, endurance and also reduced weight.  Another study also had similar results that showed 12 weeks of continuous practice of yoga poses have helped them to improve their endurance, flexibility and strength. Practicing yoga daily can be very effective for your physical strength and to increase your stamina. Yoga can prove to be more effective when it is used in combination with your daily exercise routine.

●       Can Help to Improve Your Sleep Quality

Poor sleep quality is very harmful for your body as well as your mental health because it can put more stress on you, you will feel more fatigue, start having symptoms of depression and also you might risk yourself to obesity and various heart diseases. Many studies have proven that yoga can help to improve the quality of your sleep. A study of elderly patients who practiced yoga proved that they were able to sleep faster and more peacefully and woke more energetic the next morning. It was proven that yoga can help to improve your sleep and various medications can be ignored because of it. Yoga has been associated with the increased amount of release of melatonin, i.e. the hormone which is associated with your sleep regulation. Yoga also is effective in reducing depression, anxiety, stress and chronic pain that are usually the common issues for sleep problems.




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