Top 3 Ways to Look and Feel Younger

June 19 2021 – Mukesh Kumar

Top 3 Ways to Look and Feel Younger

Top 3 Ways to Look and Feel Younger


Do you desire an ageless glow without any Botox and cosmetics? If yes then stop worrying and begin with a few alterations in your routine. Alteration in the routine generally involves two key checkpoints: addition and deduction.

You need to add some healthy practices into your routine while simultaneously cutting on the other pre-existing unhealthy habits to achieve your anti-aging goal. Aging is a natural process that is inevitable however it could be slowed and avoided to a certain extent. Let’s explore some lifestyle alterations that serve to trigger the anti-aging gene in our bodies.

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Diet Alteration:

Diet constitutes a major part of our daily routine, and in order to achieve certain benefits, diet needs to be checked upon. Consumption of healthy food deems to have a prominent role in the process of anti-aging however along with the consumption of healthy food some kinds of food that speed up the aging process need to be avoided as well such as food with too much sugar and refined carbs, processed meat, coffee, and alcohol. Some of the food items that reverse aging and helps you look young by targeting various organs of the body that fall victim to the aging process involve:

  • Vitamin-C-rich fruits and vegetables (citrus fruits, red capsicum, broccoli, strawberries, and kiwifruit) against skin wrinkling and to support healthy skin.
  • Calcium-rich food (Milk, yogurt, and cheese) for healthy bones and joints.
  • Oily fish (Mackerel, tuna, trout, and salmonella) for fighting inflammation and joint stiffness.
  • Nuts and eggs against memory loss and to support cognitive function.


As we age, we tend to lose our muscle mass with an increased risk of heart diseases, dementia, and deteriorated immune function enhances significantly. Exercise is functionally known to lengthen the age span and enhance disease-free years. However, aerobic exercise is specifically known to not only slow down the effects of aging but eventually reverse the effects. It does so by improving muscles stem cell function and accelerating muscle tissue repair. Aerobic exercises tend to have a type of rejuvenating effect on old cells. Some of the aerobic exercises involve:

  • Swimming
  • Cycling
  • Using an elliptical trainer.
  • Running
  • Jumping rope.
  • Performing high-impact routines or step aerobics.

The desired anti-aging effect of aerobic exercise can be obtained by performing it for 30 minutes 5-7 days a week. This could be achieved by starting with ten minutes of walk thrice a day and then moving towards a more high-impact aerobic exercise to accelerate benefits.

Skin Care:

Skin Care is not only specific for women but could be practiced by both men and women to enjoy anti-aging advantages. Here is a thorough skincare regimen to avoid aging:

  • Cleanse with a low PH cleanser.
  • Exfoliate.
  • Anti-aging serum.
  • Moisturize.
  • Apply sunscreen.

Bottom line:

A systematic schedule is integral to include healthy food items, deduct unhealthy ones, and embrace aerobic exercises in order to achieve anti-aging benefits. Plan and choose the best training to diet ratio for yourself based on how it makes you feel, ultimately coupling it with a healthy skin care regimen.




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