Kiss Goodbye to Body Fat with these 4 Workouts

December 15 2020 – Piyush Dwivedi

Kiss Goodbye to Body Fat with these 4 Workouts

Kiss Goodbye to Body Fat with these 4 Workouts


If you need a workout plan to burn your body fat, then you are in the right place. Today we will skim through exercises that target body fat, specifically.

Workouts That Could Help You Lose Some Pounds:

Workouts increase stamina, strength, and endurance of the body. Certain muscles of the body can be targeted specifically by the correct enactment of exercise. Similarly, workouts could be executed to target the fats of the body specifically. Before learning more about the workouts that could burn fats, let's skim through some of the negative effects of body fat on individual health and performance. 

Body fat is the prime cause of several cardiovascular diseases. High levels of subcutaneous and visceral fat can be life-threatening. It may lead to various chronic diseases like diabetes, hypertension, cancer, and heart diseases. There are three different types of fat cells; white, brown, and beige cells. The fat cells are susceptible to accumulate in the body and cause type 2 diabetes, coronary heart diseases, hypertension, stroke, hormone imbalance, pregnancy complications, kidney diseases, liver diseases, and cancer

It shows how keeping the body fat intact can prove to be life-threatening and cause several health complications. With an increase in age, the hazards associated with the accumulation of fat inside body cells might get serious. Therefore, burning of the fats accumulated in body cells is not only integral to maintain body structure but is also required to prevent various life-threatening and chronic diseases.

Lunges with a Jump:

We are all familiar with the benefits of lunges on individual fitness. Lunges are in itself very hard to execute, adding a jump into it just makes it harder but lunges are known to sculpt fats that might have been accumulated in the calves and legs of the body. So, it's the best exercise to kickstart your day. 

This workout could be enacted by first bending the right knee up to 90 degrees and your feet lurched so that the other foot (left) gets in front. Now jump abruptly, switching the right leg with the left one, as you are in the air. Now position your body in a lunge position with your left foot in the front. Repeat this for 30 times to complete a set.


This exercise is guaranteed to tone down your belly fat effectively. Other than burning the fats accumulated in the body, it also strengthens the core of the body while working simultaneously on the triceps, quadriceps, chest muscles, and lats muscles of the body. It is a callisthenic exercise, using your body weight as resistance.

Burpees can be executed by keeping your feet shoulder-distance apart as your body is positioned in a low squat. Now, extend your hands right outside of your feet and hop an inch back with your feet, letting your chest touch the floor. Position your body in a plank position as you press your palms on the floor. Now, do one pushup and then frog kick to bring your body back to the starting position.

Side wards Medicinal Ball Slams:

Medicinal ball slams are full-body exercises that target almost all the muscles of the body effectively and in turn tones down body fat. It is a dynamic and explosive exercise that is executed by the utilization of the core, upper body, and lower body. In the beginning, it specifically targets the obliques, hamstrings, quads, biceps, and shoulders, but as the fatigue starts kicking it targets all the muscles of the body as secondary movers, in one way or another.

Side wards medicinal slams can be executed by first keeping a shoulder-width distance between both feet. Now hold the medicinal ball at one side. Pick the ball and now rotate your body accordingly as the ball hits the floor a few inches away from your pinky toe. Afterward, position your body in a split squat position to catch the ball back as it bounces towards you. Repeat the same over, again with the other side of the body. Repeat for 20 seconds to strengthen the core effectively.

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Running On a Treadmill:

Running on a treadmill might sound very cliché, but it does wonders for our body. It is shown to burn body fat up to 50 percent. Other than that, it improves heart strength and reduces insulin resistance. However, many people are not familiar with the correct execution of this physical exercise.

It can be executed by first walking on the treadmill slowly for almost 10 minutes, then follow the walk on the treadmill with a light jog that should last 10 minutes as well. Now after warming up a bit, pick up a pace, and run for the next 10 minutes. You must be running hard enough to not being able to carry out a conversation. Now alternatively jog and run for the next 45 minutes for best results. Keep switching between 10 minutes of jog and 10 minutes of breathless running for 45 minutes. 

These few core strengthening and belly burning workouts can revolutionize the lifestyle of a person. Body fat can hinder life activities immensely. These workouts can help you get out of your shell and live a healthy life within a few months. Then what are you waiting for? Grab on your running shoes and get ready to start a new chapter with a healthy lifestyle. 

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