8 shortcuts to a healthy heart

January 27 2021 – real whey

8 shortcuts to a healthy heart

8 shortcuts to a healthy heart


You might be eating yourself healthy which is great for your body system. But did you know that you are prone to heart and that too at almost no-trouble. But don’t worry! We got this. Read about the foods below which can simply save your heart and at no extra cost.
Are you ready to become a heart-healthy person ?

Fruits & Veggies

We recommend you have at least 5-9 serves of fruits & veggies. Get yourself a strong dash of fruits and veggies and you'll get enough nutrients to go about and fibers to keep your heart healthy.

⦁ Try some dry fruits together and you'll get many vitamins and minerals together.
⦁ Blend a fruit smoothie and use in it, at least 3 fruits together.
⦁ You may also have veggie soups. They are fresh and yum. Also they have the mix of healthy veggies together doubling up the nutrition in it.
⦁ You can choose to have some multivitamin supplement if you think you are not consuming enough vitamins a day.
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We recommend you at least 7 hours of sleep from the 24 hours in a day. Missing your sleep is harmful for your health. It can lead to hypertension, gaining weight and a comparatively weak immune system. Don't miss your sleep and try to sleep at least 1-2 times as short naps in the day as it lessens the probability of dying with a heart disease.
⦁ You can sleep for 20 minutes and rest at noon and rejuvenate your body. (Don't miss your night sleep)
⦁ You can take a quick nap after you come from work, your fatigue will wear off and your body will get some rest.

Weight Training

We recommend you to do some weight training at least 2 times a week. Lifting weights can help you to strengthen your muscle and bone mass, burn fats and calories which all over, reduces the possibility of you catching a heart disease and diabetes.

  • We recommend you to do some pushups at home.
  • If you want to do yoga, then do more poses than you usually do a day. Try doing those poses which requires your body to act as a resistance.
  • You may also use jumping rope.

Check your weight

A study says that overweight and obese people tend to have higher possibilities of having a heart disease. Slimmer people have lesser risks against heart diseases and illnesses.

Cut down your regular meat consumption

Even a small amount of meat contains saturated fats and the more you have, the more it adds up. Try fatty fishes which are rich in Omega-3 acids. We suggest that you don’t make your cholesterol level go above 200.

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Cardiovascular Activity 

Try to engage yourself in cardiovascular activities for 30 minutes per day throughout the week if possible. It will help you to reduce your bad cholesterol level and improve your health and fitness. It can help reduce the chances of catching a heart disease and diabetes. You can also choose to walk 10 minutes thrice everyday and not 30 minutes continuously. It’ll help you burn calories and give you the same benefits like a 30 minute walk.

⦁ We recommend you to have a short walk for maybe 10 minutes after your lunch.
⦁ You can also choose to climb up and down the stairs rather than using elevators.
⦁ Walk with more energy when you take your dog for a walk.

Extra-virgin olive oil

This oil is multi talented and can be used in any kind of dish and it is super healthy. It’s track record on heart health is way too good. It has monounsaturated fats which lessens the level of bad cholesterol in your body. Moreover, it has lots of antioxidants which protects you from getting your skin cells harmed. Use Olive oil in place of butter as this oil is made naturally and good for your heart health compared to other fats.

Brush properly

We request you to be hygienic. Always be clean by washing your hands with soap or sanitizing them. Keep your oral health spotless as well because brushing your teeth, both morning and night reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Even gum infection or inflammation or oral damage can develop risks for your heart, research says.


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