6 Signs That You and Your Body Need Some Alone Time

January 27 2021 – real whey

6 Signs That You and Your Body Need Some Alone Time

6 Signs That You and Your Body Need Some Alone Time



Your body and unconsciousness keep on signaling you about the spiritual and mental imbalances, notice them intently and feel the difference in your life.


Cozy Up With Yourself:

Pick up your favorite book from the shelf and reread it or snuggle into your most comfy pajamas. Find some time for yourself in the midst of the chaos. I know that your life is based on obligations, with deadlines to follow, errands to run, wedding reception to attend, and a week of dinners to plan, and your level of stress is touching the sky because you never miss your deadlines. You're a grown-up, needless to say, who can work under all kinds of stress. And the world demands output, who cares about your mental exhaustion? It's also hard to understand the distinction between your excuses and your fatigue in a world where an extra shot of espresso is the solution to lack of sleep and staying late is the secret to getting ahead.

While it's not a plausible solution to ignore your responsibilities, a pause in order to compose yourself might be just something you will need to become more productive. Although progressing through a challenging phase of your life is remarkable, the definition of reacting with a psychotic breakdown is completely opposite. We are aware of the prejudice. Yet often, potential empowerment comes from acknowledgment that we are just humans, at the end of the day. Let me walk you through the signs, which are basically synonymous with our body screaming for a break.

You Keep on Canceling the Plans:

You are very excited to make dinner plans with your colleagues and friends but right before the day of the event, you feel a sudden rush of introversion, get the best of you. This might be a sign that your body is craving some solitude and tranquility. Occasionally, we cancel plans at the last minute because we have been utterly overwhelmed, emotionally overloaded, or just really stressed out and need some time for ourselves to rest and do nothing. There is a stigma associated with idleness. Idleness is considered un-necessary and an absolute waste of time, when in reality, solitude could help us form a better relationship with ourselves. And this construction of a better relationship with yourself could help you tackle problems beneficially.

Nothing makes You Genuinely Happy:

Unhappiness or disinterest sometimes stems from exhaustion. Some people feel miserable because they are clearly not taking care of themselves. Like, they have been running a marathon without any end in mind, they jump from one assignment to another, draining there selves eventually. Top performers know that although participating in demanding activities is necessary, they have to allocate some time for their selves. The first alarming feeling associated with this mental imbalance or exhaustion is when things just don't sound good. You could find yourself internally whining about being frustrated or procrastinating on projects you would have usually looked forward to. It feels like your soul is running low on battery. Your unconsciousness is dropping hints but you are totally ignoring them.

You are Neglecting Yourself:

If you are overwhelmed by the daily routine and in order to manage time and keep things flowing, you are ignoring yourself, then let me inform you that this a red flag. This hustle and marathon might boost up your work performance but it is going to destroy your health, both mental and physical. And what is wealth without health? Sit down and allocate some time to yourself. Put on your favorite nail color or munch onto your favorite snack as you binge-watch a light-hearted series.

You Cannot Sleep Right away even After an Exhausting Day:

Have you ever hopped onto the bed, with exhaustion crippling all over you but instead of getting a sound sleep, your head keeps murmuring something in French? Well, that is a signal from your unconsciousness. Your unconsciousness wants to unravel certain ideas and concepts but you keep on dragging your mind to run marathons with a sack of unraveled stuff tied to its neck. So, maybe it’s your cue to slow down and give your mind a “day off”.

You are constantly being Forgetful: 

If you keep forgetting your car keys on the kitchen cabinet and your wallet on your bed, then you need to consider it as a signal. Once, our head gets overloaded with thoughts, memories, and gibberish, it is very hard to process anything any further. So, in this case, maybe giving your mind a day off is the way to go.

You want to wear an Invisibility Cloak:

Have you locked yourself in a room or the bathroom just because you need some time to actually breathe? If yes, then you certainly need to consider this as a warning. Sometimes, we are so busy running errands and being a marvel superhero that we forget that at the end of the day, we are just humans with humanly needs and capabilities. Sometimes, acceptance is the real deal-breaker.

If the idea of getting an entire day to yourself feels too illegal to you, then maybe allocate just thirty minutes of your day to yourself. Relax, reflect, and stop running the horses for those thirty minutes. Meditate or drink cinnamon tea. Do whatever makes you feel good. But give yourself some damn time because you need you.

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