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Real Whey Protein Pro begins with only the healthiest cows, fed a natural grass diet year-round. The protein is then carefully extracted from the fresh milk in a highly purified, undenatured form using cold cross-flow microfiltration membrane technology to remove unwanted fat, cholesterol and lactose, delivering 25 grams of pure, delicious protein. Choose only the purest whey protein to fuel your performance and deliver results, naturally. Its perfect for low-carb dieters and athletes who want to get lean and ripped while packing on muscle.




   Real Whey Protein Pro is an advanced formula with High Biological Value (BV) and protein efficiency. Whey Protein Pro contains protein sourced primarily from whey protein isolate. which delivers 25g Protein per 30.5g serving to help in gaining lean muscle.

High quality nutrients in every serving - BCAAs (Leucine, Iso-leucine, Valine), Glutamine  help repair, strengthen and build muscle tissue.

Real Whey Protein Pro  comes with added DigeZyme, which is a multi-enzyme blend which assist in enhancing digestion and absorption of protein. Real whey PROTEIN PRO have low-carb, low-fat and nutrition-rich formula with 27 added vitamins and minerals for optimal health..

No aspartame or other harsh sweeteners, delivering a taste that is just right and 100% guaranteed to satisfy.


  1. Real Whey Protein Pro comes with an 82% protein and contains protein sourced primarily from whey protein isolate.
  2. Zero artificial flavors, artificial colors, preservatives or artificial sweeteners (Unflavoured variant)
  3. Primarily from whey protein isolate & ultra-filtered whey protein concentrate.
  4. Premium quality imported supplement from USA.
  5. Instantly soluble, Fast and easily digesting whey protein .
  6. Excellent post workout recovery (contains hefty 5.4 gm BCAA and 4.3gm Glutamine per serving).
  7. 100% Gluten free.
  8. 100% Aspartame free.
  9. 27 added vitamins and minerals for optimal health..
  10. Minimizes muscle tissue breakdown & boosts protein synthesis. 
  11. Improves glycogen replenishment and nitrogen retention. 
  12. Gives continuous gains in muscle growth & strength. 
  13. Improves anabolic and anti-catabolic mechanisms. 
  14. Highest Biological Value (BV) and protein efficiency. 
  15. High concentration of branched chain amino acids. 
  16. Advanced full-spectrum amino acid profile.
  17. Shortens muscle recovery periods. 
  18. Instantized for greater absorption & bio-availability.
  19. Flavoured variants are 100% Aspartame free

      Flavoured variants have added flavour imported from Europe & usa, , thus assuring to deliver our customers with the most premium quality product



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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 399 reviews
      Gopalji Verma (Lucknow, IN)
      Great product

      This is very very good suppliment I love to buy again this is very useful to make a good body

      SACHIN KUMAR (Delhi, IN)
      Best in market

      This is realy a whey protein.

      Nishkarsh (Lucknow, IN)
      Wrost product

      Raddi product hai bhai mat liyo

      Raman Bhatia (Jaipur, IN)
      It's amazing

      First i was in doubt that i've to purchase or not but after using this product. I surely recommend this whey protein . To being a doctor i am giving my valuable feedback . Taste is awesome smooth and easliy dissolve in water... You can take it with milk also. . Go for it

      Ankit Pal (Tatiri, IN)
      Nice product

      Been using rw whey for last few months, it tastes good, gives fine result, blends well and doesn't bloat.