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Ashwagandha is Best known for its Ability to Fight Stress & Anxiety.

Researchers have reported that it blocked the stress pathway in the brains of rats by regulating chemical signaling in the nervous system.

Ashwagandha has some Anti-tumoral properties. It may also protect the body from infections due to its Antioxidant and Detoxifying properties.

 Ashwagandha supplements may have powerful effects on testosterone levels and reproductive health. In one study in 75 infertile men, the group treated with ashwagandha showed increased sperm count and motility.

 Healthy men who took 600–1,250 mg of ashwagandha root per day gained muscle strength after 30 days.

In another study, those who took Ashwagandha had significantly greater gains in muscle strength and size. It also more than doubled their reductions in body fat percentage, compared with the placebo group.

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Ashu (Delhi, IN)

It’s a owsm product, it gives strength, basically a testosterone booster, helps in muscle mass and cutting



Mohit D Gupta (New Delhi, IN)
Amazing product at a very good price

Ashwagandha is a need if you do heavy workouts. Your body needs to produce enough testosterone and your mind needs to reduce stress and anxiety. I have tried many products. But either their dosage is high or contains other ingredients too. This product from REALWHEY is a complete package in a single pill. You cannot tell the immediate benefits of Ashwagandha pf any brand. But yeah I’m feeling good and completely satisfied

Nishant Yadav (Faridabad, IN)
Effective & reliable

I loved this product along with your whey protein.

Customer (New Delhi, IN)
Great product from Realwhey.

Nowadays we work in highly stressed work environments. I was in one for a while and it has affected my quality of life. After reading about the benefits of Ashvagandha I searched about it & found this product in Realwhey's site & then started taking one each morning. After 3 days I started noticing a quietness in my head. Peaceful. No unnecessary thoughts.
I am focused on what’s in front of me. It has been a week and I am having flashing fond memories from my childhood which I thought were lost somewhere in this highly stressful lifestyle. I am sleeping better. I feel refreshed upon waking. I’m in a very pleasant mood even after having a full workday when I reach home. Though this works, human effort is needed to keep the quiet and peace. It provides a base. You have to work on it. And the result will be wonderful. Great product from Realwhey & at a very attractive price too.
Hope this helps you.