Trick or Treat Candies that can pump you up After a Workout

December 31 2020 – Piyush Dwivedi

Trick or Treat Candies that can pump you up After a Workout

Trick or Treat Candies that can pump you up After a Workout

Who knew candies could be the perfect snack to nibble on after a strenuous workout? Well, if candies are your thing then devour onto these candies post-workout, for a boost.

Candies and Instant Energy:

Halloween is right across the corner and the air already smells like gummy bears and marshmallows. If you have a sweet tooth and your old and conventional fitness coach is making you cut on your candy intake then, go show him this article because it is going to change his mind.

Before revealing my list of trick and treat candies, let’s understand why candies could serve to be an excellent post-workout snack to nibble on and how conventional myths associated with the unhealthiness of candies are baseless.

Candies and Fast Digesting carbs:

Candies are an instant source of carbohydrates, especially the simpler and fast-digesting ones and the consumption of fast-digesting carbs post-workout is extremely beneficial.

The correlation between fast-digesting carbohydrates and sports is well known. To get a fast energy boost, athletes also use sports drinks or gels made from basic and easily digestible carbohydrates. During long bouts of exercise such as running or walking, or during endurance sports such as football and soccer, these basic carbs provide energy. What many people don't know is that these quickly digested carbs will help you in many other ways, besides having fast energy, particularly if you do resistance training.

These simple and fast-digesting carbohydrates are present in the body as glycogens, mainly in muscle and liver. As a result, glycogen produces ATP, which is the basic unit of energy. More than 30 percent of the accumulated glycogen may be burnt up by a hard exercise. Hence, its replenishment is integral after the workout. Only by consuming regular meals or gummy bears in this case, would you replenish your glycogen supply in time for the next day's exercise.

Fast Digesting Carbs and Bulky Muscles:

The first and the most integral benefit of refilling your glycogen levels directly after a workout is that it provides food for your muscles to stimulate recovery and improve future workouts.

Yet, that is not it because there are many benefits of consuming these simple carbs instantly. Hence, another brilliant feature of these carbohydrates that are quickly digested is that they accelerate the release of insulin from the pancreas as they flood into the bloodstream. Insulin is important because it opens muscle cell channels that allow glucose and other nutrients, such as amino acids for muscle protein construction. If you take post-workout creatine and carnitine, as you should, those nutrients gets lost unless enough insulin is present to help shuttle them inside the muscle cell.

And yet another advantage of these basic carbs is the influx of water into the muscle cell by the accumulation of glycogen in the muscle, increasing the amount of water inside the muscle cells immensely. So the more glycogen you will hold, the more your muscles will look bulkier.

Cortisol vs. Candies:

When we are doing strenuous workout sessions, our body releases a stress hormone known as cortisol. This hormone is catabolic, simply this guy will break everything to get glucose (so evil). Hence, it breaks down the muscle proteins and converts them into glucose amidst strenuous sessions, causing muscle tissue degradation.

We can fill on the protein void with whey proteins and we can fill the carbohydrate deficiency by the use of fast carbs. Hence, we can nibble onto those gummy bears, which will release insulin (anabolic in nature) and prevent the muscles from getting deteriorated because of the evil, cortisol.

Trick and Treat Candies to Sneak into your Next Workout Session:

The next time you go to the supermarket to buy supplements, add these yummy treats into your cart as well to get a kick start and replenish glucose levels after a strenuous workout. While picking a treat or gummy bear, check the label and make sure the label contains at least one of these fast-digesting carbs.

1) Dextrose:

Taking in dextrose right after a strenuous workout could help with the replenishment and uptake of nutrients and energy levels. It is a fast-digesting, simple sugar for starters. It helps with the nutrient uptake in the cells, it is quite affordable and quite safe to use.

  1. Glucose:

Glucose is needed by the body to replenish the levels of calories and nutrients depleted during workout. So, a candy enriched with glucose can help the body return to survival mode, with low cortisol levels.

  • Maltose
  • Maltodextrin
  • Corn Syrup

Other than that, here is a list of few candies that contain fast carbs. Note them down with yourself so that you can save some tricks and treats as a post workout snack for yourself.

Gummy bears

Bottle caps


Sweet Tarts

Pixy Stix

Most of the candies manufactured in China

Hence, this is my list of dextrose rich candies. Hoard onto these candies to fulfill your post-workout cravings and give your body the much-needed boost.

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