Top 3 Yoga Positions you can Practice Daily

January 27 2021 – Mukesh Kumar

Top 3 Yoga Positions you can Practice Daily

Top 3 Yoga Positions you can Practice Daily


You don’t need anything fancy like a yoga mat or a towel to practice these yoga positions. Just, hop onto your couch, stretch your limbs, and get ready to practice these super easy yoga positions.

Yoga and Everything You Need To Know About It:

It is a type of exercise in which we align various parts of our body, to gain agility and flexibility. It also helps us to improve our breathing and relax our minds. This ancient method is used to discipline the mind and body simultaneously.

The term Yoga first appeared in Hinduism’s ancient and Holy Scripture named Vedas. In fact, in the Rig Veda, the oldest of these scriptures, yoga first made its appearance. The word "yoga" itself derives from the term "yuj," which means "to yoke." Now, this is no longer a common word in the English language, so at first sight, you do not catch its meaning. Yoking was a method that was used to attach two animals and harness them, which are then able to execute tasks such as plowing a field. So, in essence, the yoke is about forming a union, and that's usually how we hear the concept of yoga today.

By union, we mean union of our mind, body, and soul. Also the union of our egos and higher selves. Union with the universe, or with the creator, or with something greater than us. All of these have been used to define the "unity" formed by yoga. In reality, the term "yoga" in and of itself is still a paradox for experienced practitioners. This is because two aspects that were never really together, to begin with, are joined by the very essence of yoga. Yoga teaches us to erase the illusion of distinction. Now without further delay, let’s learn more about some easy yoga positions you can practice anytime and any day.

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Bound Angle Pose:

It is also known as a bound angle pose or cobbler pose. It helps to improve flexibility in the thighs, groins, and knees. It also helps prepare the hips and groins for meditative seated poses, which require more flexibility in these areas. Moreover, it helps to soothe menstrual cramps and digestive issues.

It can be executed easily by sitting on the couch or bed, then by bending the knees to bring the soles of the feet together, so that they touch. Let your knees touch the couch, however, if they are too high, then add some pillows to level it all up. Lengthen your back while retaining a comfortable neck and shoulders position. Firmly press the soles of your feet together and stretch your arms around your ankles to grasp it on. You could feel the muscles of hips and thighs stretch. Hold this pose angle as long as you can.

Hero Pose:

This pose helps to increases flexibility in the hips, limbs, and knees. It promotes the correct alignment of hips, legs, and knees. It aids with the stretching of quads. It promotes and trains internal rotation. It strengthens the back while extending the spine, simultaneously. It is good to promote sexual prowess.

This pose can be executed conveniently by folding both legs when you kneel on the sofa with your feet being almost hip-width apart. Now, stretch the calves out to balance them and lift them away from the knees to roll them forward. To sit on the couch, lower the buttocks. Place your palms on your knees and sit up straight as your coccyx lengthens to the ground. Shift your eyes to a neutral stance for about 60 seconds and keep your hero pose.

Cow Face Pose:

This pose stretches the deep muscles of hips, ankles, thighs, shoulders, armpit, and chest. It helps with the mitigation of knee pain. It helps to strengthen the muscles of the spine and abdomen. It also aids with the decompression of a compressed spine.

That can be achieved by having your legs stretched out in front of you with your arms on your sides in a relaxed position. Then place your left foot gently under your right knee and bring it to the outside of your right thigh. It is important to place your right knee on top of your left hip. And make sure that you sit equally. Now, extend your left arm toward the ceiling, and place your palm to your spine while you curve your left elbow. Bend your right elbow and bring your right arm into the middle of your back and attempt to interlace your fingertips by putting your hands together. Stretch your top elbow toward the ceiling as you stretch your bottom elbow towards the couch simultaneously. Keep the elbows against your body. Adjust your gaze on a specific point and breathe. Stay at this position for 60 seconds or so.

These are some of the super easy yoga positions you can execute at the expense of your couch. If you have spent the entire weekend binge-watching Netflix and you don’t know how to get yourself moving, then just practice these yoga positions to keep your body active and fresh.





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