Workingout during sickness - Should you sweat it out or recover?

Workingout during sickness - Should you sweat it out or recover? - Real Whey

There’s always a time comes in the life of fitness enthusiasts that they find it extremely tough to skip their scheduled exercise routine. You start getting fit only because you are dedicated to your fitness goal and follow a regular exercise routine. But despite spending long hours in the gym and following a rigorous exercise routine, you got sick. Even though you’re feeling under the weather, you still don’t want to miss your workout, as you’ll lose the track that you’ve made for your goals.

Engaging in exercise and Yoga is a great way to stay fit and live longer. In fact, regular exercise keeps you away from some dangerous diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure and other cardiovascular problems. A lot of people wonder if exercising during sickness is good or not. However, the answer is quite diplomatic. Neither white nor black! It’s sometimes okay to exercise while other times it’s important to stay at home, take complete rest and recover from your sickness.

Is it okay to workout during sickness?

The answer to this question depends on what ails you. If you are sick due to cold and cough, it's okay to exercise, but during fever, exercising can ruin your stamina and make you sicker. Some forms of sickness need complete rest to recover. If you already have a fever, you can’t exercise to raise your body temperature which is already high. During fever, your body is not strong enough to hit the gym. Speedy recovery can be attained while sitting at home and taking complete rest when you are sick.

The workout is a healthy habit, but if you are experiencing symptoms of fever, nausea, diarrhoea, chest congestion and severe body pain, you need to skip your exercise until you feel better.

It’s normal to workout if your symptoms include runny nose, minor sore throat, nasal congestion, minor muscle pain, etc. But consider reducing the length of your workout session and make it less intense. Doing jogging and taking a walk is better during sickness.

Safety while exercising during sickness

Typically it is normal exercising with minor symptoms of cold and cough, but if not taken proper care, these symptoms may improve with exercise. During exercise your body temperature and heart rate increases. You release more body fluids after exercise.

It’s very important to stay hydrated while exercising, especially during sickness. Avoid extremely intense workout sessions as they put stress on your muscles and pulses. Replenish electrolyte salts while exercising during sickness. Focus on light exercise and movements to get the blood flowing normally. We recommend activities like light jogging, walking, riding a bicycle and gentle yoga.

A person can sweat during illness through a workout without facing any problem is a myth. Moderate exercise during mild cold and cough can help you reduce the symptoms.  Eat a balanced diet, avoid overexertion and most importantly listen to your body when you are sick.

Risks of exercising during sickness

We recommend taking complete precaution while working out during sickness. During fever, you decrease fluids from your body as well as your muscle strength and feel more exhausted. When you experience the symptoms of fever, dizziness, vomiting, diarrhoea and nausea, it could be a risk for you to do exercise. You are at high risk if you do exercise when you experience tightness in the chest, difficulty in breathing and coughing.

Exercise and immune function

  • People who never exercise or exercise more than required are more likely to get in contact with dangerous diseases.
  • Exercising on a moderate basis with the right nutritional diet is the best to keep you fit.
  • You can keep your immune system strong with regular running, swimming and Yoga.

Is It Okay to Consume Protein Supplement when you’re Sick?

Your fluid and protein requirements are high when you are sick. You can get your protein from food and whey supplements. Whey protein supplements are the best source of protein, vitamins and mineral. It is completely safe to consume your protein shake when you are sick. We recommend you Real Whey Protein, which is an authentic, safe and effective protein supplement in India. Buy best whey products in India from Real Whey. We have a wide range of Whey protein supplements available in different sizes and flavours.

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