The best exercises to increase the testosterone level in your body

The best exercises to increase the testosterone level in your body - Real Whey

Testosterone is a hormone in men that literally make them men. It is also known as “male sex hormone”, as it is responsible for stamina, muscle mass, bone density and changes in voice during puberty in males. It also regulates the sex drive, RBC production, fat distribution and strength in men. In men, testosterone level may decline after a certain age or due to certain reason.

So how do you get more T? You don’t need to consult any physician to get your fix. There are some exercises that you can perform to increase the testosterone level in your body.  There are a lot of people who take T steroid to increase lean muscle mass and bone density. We know decreasing testosterone level in men may lead to some health condition including low libido, depression, low bone density and obesity. With this article, the supplier of the highest protein whey powder in India is going to share a list of exercises that would help you in improving the testosterone level in your body.

Exercise 1 – Sprint


There are multiple studies, which prove that you can increase your testosterone levels by sprinting. Among people with a very quick and intense 6 seconds sprint, testosterone levels rose significantly – and testosterone levels stayed elevated even after these people recover to a full extent from the sprint training. You can try performing several sprints on the treadmill after lifting heavyweights. Avoid sprinting more than 15 seconds and get fully recovered after each sprint. We recommend you to do sprint exercise 2-3 times a week to maximum results.

Exercise 2 – Squats


Squats are called the king of exercises for a reason. The dumbbell squats target a large portion of your body including legs, shoulders, chest and biceps. Performing squats regularly can help you improve testosterone levels. If you’ve skipped your leg day, just do some squats and boost your testosterone level. Do 4-5 sets of squats with 10-15 reps and maximum rest time of 1 minute for the best results.

Exercise 3- Lift heavy weights

Lift heavy weights

Lifting heavy weights is one of the most effective ways to boost your testosterone level.. To get good testosterone boosting results, you need to do 2-3 full body weight lifting training every week. Don't let this idea of heavy lifting intimidate you if you are a newcomer to weight training. Many of these exercises can be simulated on weight training devices until you are strong and skilful to carry out the free weight barbell or stump versions. Caffeine and creatine monohydrate is recommended for the consumption with a training program to further boost your testosterone level.

Exercise 4- Dead lifts

Dead lifts

The deadlift is an ideal workout for the development of testosterone hormone in your body. Just check the web to find ways to do deadlift if you're new to bodybuilding. There are a number of deadlift types, many clearly designed to target other muscle groups, but originally the "normal" standard deadlift is used to target muscles across the body. As a bonus, you will get bigger and stronger legs, back and forearms. Doing deadlift is the best way to produce testosterone hormone. Do 5 sets of deadlift with 5 reps for better results.

Exercise 5- Bench press

Bench press

Usually, the Bench press is associated with the chest, but this is absolutely not true. In reality, it is a practice for building muscle and building power. This deals with your arms, back, shoulders, triceps and biceps. If done properly, testosterone increase is one of the crucial benefits of Bench press. There are many different ways to do it. Depending on which group of muscles you want to target, you can choose one. Bench press has a proven effect on increasing testosterone level in men.

Exercise 6- Military press

Military press

At first glance, Military Press looks an easy exercise, which shows that it targets shoulders and arms and leaves the rest of the body untargeted. If the military press is performed properly, your core, oblique and lower back will be targeted. Perform the reps slowly for better results. It is an ideal testosterone booster exercise, which targets your entire body muscles.

Exercise 7- Pull-up


We all know what pull-up is. It is a kind of squat for your upper body. Pull-ups are extremely powerful and need so much central strength to trigger the abdomen more than any other workout. The more intensely you pull up, the better the neuromuscular control. The best thing about pull-ups is that they can be performed anywhere.

Follow the right diet and perform these exercises regularly to boost your testosterone level. To improve your stamina to perform these exercise get the best cheap protein powder from Real Whey. The products from Real Whey are extremely effective, affordable and authentic.

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