Importance of Omega 3 in your Diet

Importance of Omega 3 in your Diet

Fatty acids consist of carbon atoms’ chains linked together by chemical bonds. The methyl group, which is a cluster of carbon and hydrogen atoms, is found on one end of the carbon chain and the other terminal consists of a carboxy group, which is the cluster of the carbon, oxygen and hydrogen atom. The human body may use certain fats or raw materials to produce fats it requires, but it cannot generate essential fatty acids from scratch. Foods rich in Omega-3 like seafood, vegetable oils, almonds, flaxseeds, fish oil and leafy vegetables can help body get essential fatty acids.

Fatty acids provide energy to the skin, muscles, heart and other body organs. They act as building blocks of the cell membrane and as carbon storage for the blood. There are three types of fatty acids, saturated and Monounsaturated fatty acids.

  • Single bonds are present in saturated fatty acids. Saturate fatty acids are present in foods including lard, oil, butter, whole milks, cheese, bacon, roasted beef and chocolate.
  • One double bond is present in monounsaturated fatty acids. Avocados, berries, fish, olive, peanut and canola oils are sources of foods rich in monounsaturated fat. Scientists conclude that increased monounsaturated fat intake helps in cutting down LDL cholesterol ("bad" cholesterol) and reduce the risk of coronary heart disease.
  • More than one double bond is found in polyunsaturated fatty acids. Vegetable oils, wheat, sunflower and soy are which are rich in polyunsaturated fats.

Essential fatty acids are polyunsaturated fatty acids that the human body uses for metabolic function, but cannot generate, therefore have to be attained from food. Omega-3 fatty acids are essential polyunsaturated fatty acids that are available in salmon, halibut, sardines, albacore, trout, herring, walnut, flaxseed oil, and canola oil. Shrimp, light chunk tuna, clams, catfish, cod, and spinach are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. There is a huge importance of consuming omega-3 fatty acids. Following is the list of these benefits brought to you by the best whey powder and Omega 3 Fish Oil brand in India. These benefits will let you understand the important of omega-3 fatty acids in your diet.

Benefits of omega-3 fatty acids in your diet!

  1. Reduce liver fat

Reduce liver fat

NAFLD (Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease) is very widespread and a rapidly rising issue all around the world. It is currently the most prevalent source of chronic liver disease in Western countries and has risen with the obesity epidemic. Omega-3 fatty acids can reduce liver fat and inflammation to happen in people with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

  1. Reduce risk of heart problems

Reduce risk of heart problems

The main causes of mortality all around the world are cardiac attacks and strokes. Some research indicates that taking omega-3 supplements that lower a person's risk of heart attack and other cardiovascular diseases. Researchers found decades earlier that the risk of these diseases in fish feeding cultures were very small. This was eventually discovered partly because of the use of omega-3. Since then, omega-3 fatty acids have shown several heart safety benefits. It controls Triglycerides, Blood pressure, LDL cholesterol, Blood clots, Plaque and Inflammation.

  1. Helps to combat obesity

Helps to combat obesity

If you increase your Omega-3 Fatty Acids’ intake, you are more likely to lose weight faster. These days, combating obesity is a major problem in humans, Due to unhealthy lifestyle, the problem of obesity is increasing all around the world. You need to add Omega-3 supplement in your diet to battle with the problem of obesity. Losing fat and getting a sculpted body would get easier if you increase your Omega-3 intake.

  1. Helps you get glowing skin & hair

Helps you get glowing skin & hair

Omega-3 fatty acids will protect your skin against the sun’s harmful ultraviolet A (UVA) and ultraviolet B (UVB) rays, prevent the severity of acne, moisturize the skin and fight red, dry, or itchy skin caused by severe skin disorders like atopic dermatitis and psoriasis, accelerate wound healing,  reduce the risk of skin cancer, boost hair growth and reduce hair loss. Omega-3 acids are an easy and worthy addition to your diet as they not only improve your hair and skin, but also the overall body.  

  1. Improve bone and join health

Improve bone and join health

The two most popular conditions impacting our bone health are Osteoporosis and Arthritis. Research suggests that the resilience of the bones can be strengthened by omega-3-fatty acids, which will increase the volume of calcium in the bones. Arthritis can also be controlled by Omega-3 fatty acids. Patients consuming omega-3 fatty acids in any form on a regular basis have experienced lower knee discomfort and improved bone strength.

One can consume omega-3 fatty acids in the form of natural foods or supplements. If you want an instant formula that can increase the level of omega-3 fatty acids in your body, then choose Real Whey Omega 3 Fish Oil Softgels. Real Whey Omega-3 Fish Oil Softgel provides a natural, concentrated source of the essential Omega 3 fatty acids EPA and DHA from deep-sea, cold-water fish. . It is formulated with high-quality natural ingredients to deliver the best results without causing any side-effect. Real Whey Omega-3 Fish Oil Softgel will support your overall health

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