Hydration for Bodybuilders - Role of water in muscle building and correct time to drink it

Hydration for Bodybuilders - Role of water in muscle building and correct time to drink it - Real Whey

Whether you are a serious athlete or just a bodybuilder, it's important to keep your body hydrated. Effective hydration ensures that the correct amount of water is consumed before, during and after exercise. Water influences the temperature of your body and lubricates your joints. This allows the transportation of nutrients into your entire body to keep you healthy and energized. You can't perform at the highest level if you're not hydrated. You may feel tired, dizziness, or other severe symptoms.

Water does not generate energy, as carbohydrates and fats, but is still an important medium for energy in our body. While the body becomes dehydrated it leads to tiredness and reduced performance especially when you do intense training. There is a huge importance of drinking water while doing intense workout session and building muscles. The provider of the best whey protein isolate in India has brought this article, just to let you know what role does water play in muscle building.

Role of water in bodybuilding

  • Maintains muscle pump

Maintains muscle pump

When you do exercise and your muscles face contractions and during these contractions, water is driven from the blood into your muscles and makes them swell. If you not drinking water adequately, then your body won’t be able to maintain blood pressure and circulation while working out. So, it’s mandatory to drink water adequately on a regular basis to build muscles. Before exercise, your water intake should be more than 600ml. To do 1 hour of the workout session, your body needs at least 1200ml water to stay properly hydrated.

  • Water speeds up recovery

Water speeds up recovery

Sore muscles are one of the greatest blockages to your workout session. Sore muscles can make it tough to work through consistent muscle training. The period of recovery can be further worsening due to dehydration. So, keeping your body hydrated is extremely important to speed up recovery, detoxification and maintain proper functioning of muscles. This is the reason why all the bodybuilding supplements are consumed by mixing with water or milk. If you want rapid muscle recovery, then keep your body well-hydrated. Water can also help in increasing your stamina and endurance. If you want your workouts to be longer and more intense, increase the water intake and reap the advantages.

  • Energy for workout

Energy for workout

To get energy for the workout, your body needs glycogen, as it gets depleted quickly and this impairs the functioning of your nervous system. Your body needs a lot of water to stay energetic while doing intense exercise. Drink water treated with a good quality supplement to prevent muscle loss. It will surely help to maintain the balance of fluid. Suitable hydration increases energy for intensive training and helps prevent fatigue and exhaustion after exercise. Whenever you workout for more than longer, remember to keep your body hydrated with water.

  • Improves muscle growth

Improves muscle growth

An increase in load on your body gives you muscle growth, but if your body is dehydrated, then your muscle growth will be badly affected. Dehydration will lead to loss of energy and fluids in your body which will make it tough for you to lift the weight and gain muscle growth. If you wish to have “18-inch” biceps and “42-inch” chest, then you need to carry your water bottle with you in the gym. To improve your performance in the gym, you can treat your water with whey protein powder.

  • Lubricates joints

Lubricates joints

Your knees and hips bear the heavy actions during rigorous workout sessions. Inadequate water supply impacts your synovial fluid that is present in your joints. Lack of synovial fluid will make your joints prone to injury. Water is an important nutrient in the synovial fluid composition, which contributes to the lubrication of the joints and facilitates the movement. Weight-lifting stresses your joints, so it’s important to maintain the synovial fluid of your joints by drinking water adequately. The protective fluid is provided by water to enhance performance and grant the joints a longer life.

  • Prevents from heat illnesses

Prevents from heat illnesses

Heat cramps, heat exhaustion and heatstroke, these are the three stages of heat illness. While doing a rigorous workout, your body temperature increases. You need to keep your body temperature cool by drinking an adequate amount of water before and after a workout to maintain your body temperature. If your body is well-hydrated, then heat-related illnesses will not touch you. To maintain the temperature of your body, drink water adequately and stay safe from emergency medical conditions.

  • Prevents muscle breakdown

Prevents muscle breakdown

At an early stage of bodybuilding, preventing muscle breakdown is important, but tough. Well-hydrated muscle cells prevent muscle breakdown after a rigorous workout session. Decreased water levels in your body cause shrinkage of cells and protein breakdown. Just by drinking water in adequate amount, you can keep your cells swell and reduce protein breakdown. This will lead to better muscle growth.

  • Detoxifies your body

Detoxifies your body

In order to stay fit, you need to detoxify your body. If you are drinking an adequate amount of water, then it will get easier for your body to get rid of harmful chemicals. Body detoxification will get easier if you treat your body with adequate water supply. So keep it hydrated for the detoxification and get your fitness results faster. Water is also important in the maintaining of the healthy urinary tract and digestive system.

What is the correct time to drink water?

You need to drink water in the morning, before a meal, before a workout and before bed. During the entire day, you need to consume at least 4 liters of water. It holds the body balanced at a constant level and helps to prevent thirst. Your body is already dehydrated by the time you are thirsty. Once dehydrated stamina is decreased in your body. Drink water regularly, irrespective of whether you're thirsty or not, rather than rely on the signal. You should treat your water with a good whey protein supplement. You can buy best protein supplements in India from Real Whey, which is the best dietary supplement brand.

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